Beşer Polyester, Su Deposu, Su Deposu Tankları

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Görece Cumhuriyet Mah. Çevre Yolu Bulvarı No:60 Menderes/İZMİR

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Beşer Polyester

Shapes the water

Beşer Polyester Ürünleri

Beşer Polyester Ürünleri


Beşer Polyester Products Inc.

Beşer Polyester I.C. acting with the principle of always offering the best to our customers has brought our understanding of quality to higher levels. "All of our products are designed and designed by our company.

T.C. Patent Institute has design registration certificates. It cannot be imitated. "

Beşer Polyester Products

Gives Water its Shape.
It Protects Its Content In The Best Way.

Polyester Usage Areas

Clean Water Storage, Live Fish Transport, Chemical Storage

10 Year Warranty Products

Compliant with Turkish Food Codex, Regulation on Substances and Materials in Contact with Food.

Polyester Water Tanks
Polyethylene Water Tanks
Fish Transport Tanks
Polyester Silo Model


  • Our company, which started its operations in 1975, produces the highest quality water tanks of our country in the polyester and polyethylene group and offers them to its customers in Turkiye and abroad.
    We serve our valued şer Polyester relized export to many countries of the world from the founding to now.
     After 1990 developing global economical conditions, required us to have an active part in domestic market, too.
    Always acting with supplying the best to our customers principle, raised our quality comprehension day by day to top level.
     Get our customer satisfaction focused production to develope any more day after day.
    We are continuing to service to our estimable customers by performing production in 3.000 m2 closed area, by continuing distribution with 22 main vendors and 118 subordinate vendors.
    Our indispensable  principle is quality service and customer satisfaction


Cylinder Model Polyester Tanks
Large Tonnaged Cylinder Model Tanks
Barrel Model Polyester Tanks
Large Tonnaged Barrel Model Tanks
Globe Model Polyester Tanks
Underground Polyester Tanks
Fish Transport Tanks
Fish Transport Tanks Insulated
Larval Pools
Silo Model Polyester Tanks
Mushroom Model Tanks
Solar Energy Tanks
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Beşer Polyester Quality

Taking every contingency into account for product variety, to submit equivalent products to our customers in terms of price, quality and guarantee, enhancing our declamation for every kind of group and revenue customer and due to this extending our customer portfolio.
Supplying top level customer satisfaction by submiting them genially, reassuring products and services.
Giving needed internal and external educations to our working personal in BEŞER structure in accordance with prepared training scheme for the purpose of  comprehending and applying the system that applying in BEŞER.
Reviewing our system processing and convenience by coordinating quality managemenet system revising meetings periodically, supplying to make a decision about needed corrective activities and applying them for developing our business by determining our deficiencies is our quality politics.    
BEŞER POLYESTER pledges developing and applying Quality Management System, improving its efficacy continually, submitting the best product to costomer by providing needed sources and ever remaining true to determined values by aiming  customer satisfaction all along. 

News from us

We produce water tanks and food tanks from polyester in world standards.

Store your food in water tanks made of polyester without spoiling its contents.

Production and sales of Beşer Polyester water tank products

Beşer Polyester A.Ş.

» No bacteria,  » No moss,  » No smell,  » Hygienic,  » Suitable for food and water storage,  » Sunlight resistant,  » Shockproof,  » Can be repaired,  » Easily portable,  » Long lasting


Beşer Polyester, Su Deposu, Su Deposu Tankları
Görece Cumhuriyet Mah. Çevre Yolu Bulvarı No:60 Menderes/İZMİR
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